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"The Pets Tote Bags - SAMA SPAY Adopt Manage Assist"

RM 12.00

Measurement :

Size : 35cm (W) x 38cm (H)

The most exciting canvas bag is made with 100% canvas cotton and design by with Limited quantity available.

VSOUTLET.CO will be launching "The Pets Tote Bags" campaign - a revolutionary new tote bag design collaboration with SAMA (Spay Adopt Manage Assist), a society which assists and subsidizes low income feeders that feed the strays along with the neutering of the animals to control the population of strays in Penang. The tote bags will be sold both online and in all our stores throughout this campaign. 50% of total sales will be contributed to SAMA. This campaign does not only benefit our charitable partners, but our environment as well. The unique designs also serve as reminders to customers of how a slight change in habit, by reusing bags could make a difference to the environment. With the help of Penang Green Council, together we strive to build a greener and smarter city for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions
a) What is the The Pets Tote Bags?
The Pets Tote Bag is a campaign to encourage customers to re-use tote bags with instant rebate of 2% for each transaction for each bag brought back to any VSOUTLET.CO stores.

b) Why is VSOUTLET.CO launching The Pets Tote Bags collaboration with SAMA?
We launch this campaign to collect funds to help SAMA organisation to overcome their expenses and relieve their financial burden in helping the stray animals in Penang. The fund will go towards helping low income feeders in feeding the strays, helping in their medical treatment and expenses of neutering, overall supporting the cause of reducing the number of strays in Penang.

c) How do I get The Pets Tote Bags?
Will be made available on sale at 10 stores in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh at RM12 each & online store.

"Stop using plastic bag, get reusable bag in your daily life! Save the planet!"