Who we are

VS Outlet  | Style for everyone
Quality, Trendy & Fashionable Styles For Women, By Women.

Welcome to VS Outlet, the leading fashion retailer that is truly made in Malaysia since 2008.

We strive towards one goal – to bring in fashionable styles for all the roles that women play, from students to working adults and even mothers.

No woman is left out as our varied subsidiary brands have reached all kinds of customers and allow ladies to truly their express their real self through fashion.

Our subsidiary brands include:
VS Outlet – Fast-fashion that is trendy and affordable for all ages
NINETYSEVEN – Minimalistic styles for the young fashionista
Aimee & Co – Trendy accessories for the modern women
Olie – Fun & fashionable kids’ apparel
Made by J – Premium designer label women’s wear

With more than 10 outlets in Peninsular Malaysia currently, we are looking to expand further to provide strong style statements for our growing fanbase. Stay tuned to our social media pages and website for the latest fashion trends, happenings and promotions!

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